The idea of PhilanthroProperty

The idea of PhilanthroProperty is when the equity or an appreciating property is used  to invest in a community organization and or business that serves the neighborhood population. Much like some of the wealthiest American families of America,  generational WEALTH is transferred through Real Estate. 

 Older generations and  baby boomers are living longer and younger generations and millennials and faced with the challenge of a succession plan.

 Urban communities are becoming new breeding grounds for Diversity at its best when dealt with correctly.  
Gentrification is combated by conscious development of property trust funds from appreciating real estate in redeveloping neighborhoods. A collaboration of Endowments from both existing struggling vested residents and entrepreneurs in transitioning areas and new residents and business owners investing in their new found Urban Renewal community.

Vastly different people perspectives and experiences will create prosperous property owners passing on a legacy to the next more diverse generation.

Real Estate is indeed about TRUST and EQUITY of Property and People. This is Diversity at its best.
which is an idea born from my experiences as an Woman of Color,Realtor, community leader/activist and former city planner.

This requires experts in residential and commercial real estate to teach and represent  diversity tools for communities.

Simultaneously new members of the community must commit to being emerged in different facets of the neighborhood.  A bridge of both communication and action must exist between all residents old and new.

I help design specific activities for residents of the neighborhood to develop a goal to improve the community longeterm. This opens the door to environmentally healthy projects such as urban farms and local business incubators  

Both financial equity and social equity are realized from the marriage of people and profits. Mentorship and leadership opportunities are created as people lean in and on each other to create a stronger and healthy community.