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Don't get ANGRY, Get a Gratitude Attitude 

What you need to know

Building Connections

 The TRUTH does not have to HURT, because when you're HAPPY

 you and your environment are HEALTHY. 

As an innovator of ideas, together we literally create a healthy work environment and a

thriving organization, I bring new life and connection to audiences in an entertaining, 

sassy yet savvy way. 

Experience a custom designed  workshop or presentation that fits the needs 

that your organization or

 team does not even know 




The Diversity Difference

Diversity and Inclusion are not a compliance issue. Recruitment is only half the equation.  Retention by way of changing the mindset about the culture of your organization is the resolution that yields sustainable results. 

Audiences are more than inspired after this interactive and engaging presentation.  They begin changing for the better the moment as they realize they can't unhear or unsee the truth about themselves and their colleagues.  Experience different perspectives in less than an hour that will alter your beliefs and bias. We all have biases, so now what?

Your organization is literally a reflection of your leadership. Be the catalyst for expanding mindsets. Understand the difference diversity and inclusion can make in the work place. 


Neighborhood and Community Development

PhlanthroProperty Philosophy

Understandomg the difference between Gentrification vs. Revitalization.

The idea of PhilanthroProperty is when the equity or net proceeds from a newly appreciating commercial or residential property is leveraged and reinvested  in the community, organizations or surrounding business that serves the neighborhood population.  Business Owners, Builders, and Brokers will learn how to colaborate celebrate the heritage of the people and neighborhood  places. Engaging in a community happens by design.  


Woman and Heart Disease - The Power of Red

What is your relationship status?

As women the answer is “it ‘complicated”

 Women today are experiencing stress at record high levels and it is having a negative impact on their heart. 

Most women don’t know their health indicator numbers when it comes to their blood pressure. Symptoms of heart attack and stroke are very different in women than men.  Get to know yourself, your numbers and the signs.  

You will learn why 1 in every 3 women die from Heart Diseas. 

Over the years Lori Pace has defined herself as a “Family Survivor”. After being in the ambulance with her grandmother who lost the battle against heart disease,  She vowed to do whatever it took to break the cycle of heart disease on both sides of her and her husband’s family. Through the resources of The American Heart Association, She has implemented a strategic plan she calls healthy heart literacy.  

Diversity and the Bottomline

Different Matters in Real Estate

If you are thinking about how to use Real Estate to achieve your goals Lori will  help you create  and execute a winning strategic plan .   Lori is Denver's Realtor .


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