The Diversity Difference


Why Diversity Matters

Celebrating what makes you different is your calling card to connect with others.  Through this dialogue you will discover what you have in common with others.  

Developing trust is the first step in fostering a relationship.

Whats in it for my Business

Are you prepared for the new philosophies of your clients ? Are your leaders prepared to address demographic changes in your industry.


Is your organization prepared for the new philosophies of our world? Are your leaders prepared to address demographic changes.  Discover how organizations are missing out on untapped prospects to increase their business, referrals and personal development as leaders.

This presentation is built on years of working with diverse groups who are trying to stay ahead of the next generation of influencing thriving communities .

We will discuss the questions you have always wanted to know, but afraid to ask.  There will be no political correctness, just unfiltered dialogue and experiences including case studies and role playing.

I will help you and your team figure out, not just what is coming next, but how to diversify not only your brokerage but your clients and experiences.


Differentiating A Real Estate Brokerage 

Inclusions, Exclusions, Trust and Equity and Return on Investment is our agenda but we are not talking about Real Estate transactions and contracts we are talking about business relationships and the bottom line.
What differentiates your agents from other Brokerages that have top producers?

Impacts on Neighborhood Revitalization

Gentrification in redeveloping neighborhoods impacts agents representing Buyers and Sellers? How are your agents impacting neighborhood cultural dynamics? 

Do most of your agents resemble each other and their clients.  As the demographics of the world changes your agents need to reflect those changes by understanding the needs of people unlike themselves.  More opportunities exist with agents and clients with different perspectives than those who are currently around you.  The  benefits professionally and personally will grow beyond your imagination because what you don't know about who you don't know can hurt your growth.