Relocation Specialist


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Multi-Cultural Executive, Corporate and Business Relocation Services 

Lori specializes in making sure Diverse   Candidates find the perfect home and community that reflects their lifestyle, values and culture by partnering with organization and brokerages who understand different Real Estate Markets. 

Code switching is a REAL thing. Crucial conversations and diving deep and getting REAL personal is important. Understanding ones culture and where to go and who to connect with is crucial when moving to a new community. Whether it is local, state to state or an International move details matter. 

If you or your staff are not considered the majority of the population your different experience in the workplace and where you live  REALLY matters. 


Community Displacement

Our team believes in the philosophy of when one door closes another one opens. We create a strategy that gives you the tools, resources and knowledge about different communities. 

Developing a short term and long term plan by leveraging Real Estate is our speciality. We ensure that you create a legacy that is multi-generational. 


Estate Planning

Real Estate is the vehicle to creating  passive income and wealth. Creating a Real Estate Portfolio, Trusts  or endowment is just the tip of the iceberg.  We partner with a team of experts including:

Estate Attorney’s 

Financial Planners

Title and Insurance Companies

Mortgage Lenders and Banks

Everyone Deserves a Real Estate Coach