Women in business lead with their Heart

You know what they say, "Actions speaks louder than words. This is especially true when it comes to your health. 

Do what they say and literally "walk the talk"

It's in your Heart


Women and Heart Disease

Success is in WHAT you know ABOUT the WOMAN WHO you know.
We all came from the womb of a woman. Our future literally depends on women.  There is not a person on the planet whose life is not impacted by a woman's heart.

Woman are notorious for taking care of everyone but themselves.  In today's increasingly stressful environments women are taking on more than their predecessors.  As more Woman are in roles of leadership in businesses, institutions and Non profit organizations they are faced with making greater challenges.  As women internalize stress it has a direct affect on the blood pressure and not knowing your numbers is fatal.

Learn the signs, symptoms and preventative measures you can take to prevent heart disease.

While this is no laughing matter you will be entertained, engaged and inspired to become a super hero and help save other women's lives around you.

Heart disease is very personal and literally comes from  your DNA and your Heart.

My story is NOT about being a survivor of heart complications but being a survivor of the complications of a family history of heart disease.

I am taking it like a WOMAN!

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